15.7 Side Bar Menu (App)

Click on the topic you want to learn more about, alternatively scroll down the page.

Click/Tap #

As the app is a designed to be used with either a touchscreen device or a mouse/touchpad/keyboard system, Click/Tap is used in the instructions to indicate a user selection/action.

Go to Sidebar Menu #

  • From any App screen Tap/Click the menu bar

  • As a result, the Side Bar Menu opens

In the above screen shot the user has been blurred out for privacy reasons.

Return ‘Home’ (My Jobs) From Menu Side Bar #

Tap/Click ‘Home’ to go to the home (My Jobs) Screen.

 Sync Data From Brightchecker Dashboard #

Tap/Click ‘Sync’ to synchronize your Brightchecker app with the Brightchecker dashboard.

Logout #

Tap/Click ‘logout’ to logout of the Brightchecker app. The Brightchecker app login screen appears.

Logout & Delete Data #

Tap/Click ‘Logout and Clear Data’ to logout of the Brightchecker app and delete job data/survey responses from your device.

Sometimes this action needs to be repeated a couple of times.

Useful Links #

Brightchecker Knowledgebase Index

Brightchecker Dashboard

Brightchecker Home Page

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