14.3 Create, Edit & Delete A Report Template via the ‘Report Builder’ screen.

A new report template is necessary if you have not got one available already, or if you would like a blank one.   Remember you can duplicate and amend existing report templates.

From the ‘Reports’ sidebar, click ‘new’ to create a new report template. A new untitled report template appears.  Click the pen icon next to the untitled report template to open the ‘report builder’ screen.

Enter a report template name. Click ‘Save’ to save report name changes.

N.B. Tags related to future functionality – so please disregard it for the present.

A new report template will have no pages.

Create a Report Template Page

A report template must have ‘pages’ if it is to produce a report.  Brightchecker uses the term ‘page’ in this context as a place marker to put a  block of predefined and/or job dependent information. You can report job dependent information in several different ways in the same report. The report template can be built from as many ‘pages’ as you need.


  • From the Report Builder screen, click ‘Create page’ to start building a report template. A blank page is shown.
  • Click on the Page name box to the right of the add page title. Enter a page name.


Several report design tabs are shown.


  • Cover Pages
  • Info Pages
  • Content
  • Summaries
  • Back Page


Click a design tab (in keeping with what you want this page to show). Each design tab will display several page designs. Click on one of the page designs to select it. The page design will have tick placed against it.  Page design configuration options appear on the right. Generally for cover pages, info pages, and back page configuration options will include:


  • Background colour (set the background colour of the page – see below)
  • Accent colour (set the colour of the accents on the page – see below)

In the colour palette panel, click a brand colour (that you set in the My organisation screen) or click inside a brand colour to set another colour.


  • Logo Image (set the logo you want to appear)
  • What you see is what you get text contents
  • Assorted other fields e.g. page title, contact name, contact phone etc.


Click the insert button to save your page.


There are additional configurations for a contents page


  • Set the rows to sections or items
  • Select (1) Filter sections/items by (2) criteria e.g. equals
  • Click ‘reset’ to reset Sections / items selection
  • Click ‘Hide empty answers’ – if appropriate
  • Click ‘Hide answer notes’ – if appropriate


There are additional column configurations for a summary page


  • Column 1 – select the question whose responses you want to populate Column 1
  • Column 2 – select the question whose responses you want to populate Column 2
  • Column 3 – select the question whose responses you want to populate Column 3


Click ‘Insert’ (on the bottom right of the screen) to insert the page into your report template.


You can include multiple cover pages, info pages, content pages and summaries pages in whatever order you need.


Report page groupings can be reordered by clicking and dragging (move the cursor over the 6 dots of the page you want to move, click and hold, move the cursor to where you want the page to be, release the click).



Edit A Report Template


Once you have created a report template, you can continue to edit it, to get it ‘just right’.

From the ‘Reports’ sidebar, click on the pen icon button next to a report template.

Then see ‘Create, Edit & Delete A Report Template’instructions.


Delete A Report Template

From the ‘Reports’ sidebar, click the Bin icon button next to a report template.