6.3 Brightchecker Subscription Credits (DB)

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Subscription Credits & Top Up Credits #

For each level of subscription, you will get a set amount of credits every month.

Unused credits expire six months after the month of subscription purchase.

With this credit rollover you get a great deal of flexibility on when you choose to use your credits.

You use a credit every time you ‘unlock’ a job that has been sent back from the Brightchecker App.

Credits can also be purchased on an ad-hoc basis.

View Credits #

From the ‘My Organisation’ screen, credit information is shown on the right.

  • Credits Remaining
  • Number of monthly credits
  • Next cycle date (next billing date)

Select A Subscription Tier #

  • From the ‘My Organisation’ screen, click on the pen icon to the right of credits.

  • As a result the update edit sidebar opens. The credits / cost per month will reflect your current subscription.

Note: Click the x button to close the sidebar if opened by accident.

  • To change your subscription click on the credits / cost per month.

  • As a result a drop down list of subscription options will appear. Click on the option you want to select.
  • Click update credits.

  • The Update Edit Credits sidebar will automatically close.

Top Up Monthly Credits – With A One Time Credit Purchase #

  • From the ‘One Time Credit Purchase’ Section Enter the number of credits that you want to purchase.

Note: the cost per credit is £1 including vat. So if you find you need to do this a lot, consider changing your subscription level as you may find this cheaper in the long run.

  • Click ‘Purchase Credits’

Low Credits Email Notification  #

A “Credit is low” email is sent whenever a credit is spent, and the new balance is ≤5% of of the total credits bought in the last 6 months.

Note: Check your spam email folder if the notification is not immediately visible.


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