6.3 Brightchecker Credits


Users wanting to transform completed surveys into reports must buy credits, and then use a purchased credit to accept a completed survey for report generation. The larger the subscription credit pack you buy, the lower price per credit you get. Unused credits expire six months after purchase. Credits can also be purchased on an ad-hoc basis. To create and use bespoke survey templates requires an ongoing credit pack subscription.


View Credits

From the ‘My Organisation’ screen, credit information is shown bottom right.

  • Credits Remaining
  • Number of monthly credits
  • Credits used (how many credits you have used in total)
  • Next cycle date (next billing date)
  • Cost per credit (how much your monthly credits cost you)


By default, the number of monthly credits will show what was selected during the onboarding process (unless this has since been changed).


Edit Credit Subscription

  • From the ‘My Organisation’ screen, click on the pen icon to the right of credits. The update edit sidebar opens. Click the x button to close the sidebar if needed.
  • Make changes by using the slider bar.
  • Click update credits. The sidebar will automatically close.


Top Up Monthly Credits

To top up your credits mid-month please contact the Brightchecker team. It is a quick and straightforward process.