1.2 Process & System Overview

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The Dashboard & The APP #

Here is a simplified left-to-right process / system diagram to give you a feel for the platform.

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The Dashboard is Web-hosted software. Here you perform job administration and reporting tasks. It works best with Windows PCs, MacBooks, and Chromebooks.

The App is where you respond to checklists. For Mobile devices, it works with Apple IOS Safari (Phone & iPad), and for Android: Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Firefox Browsers. It also works with MacBook (Safari), Windows PC (via Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Firefox), and Chrome Book (via Chrome).

Note: The title of each knowledge base article makes it clear whether it relates to Dashboard, App, or both.

User Name & Password #

Your username and password are the same for the Dashboard & App, but you get to each component differently!

Dashboard Login #

Follow this link https://dashboard.brightchecker.com/login

Then enter your username & Password and click ‘Login’.

How To Install The App #

Everything is explained here https://brightchecker.com/knowledgebase/15-1login/

Not Registered Yet? #

Follow this link https://dashboard.brightchecker.com/login

Click ‘Register’.

Want More Technical Detail? #

Check out the ‘Technical Stuff’ Knowledge Base Category.


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