Dashboard Release Notes (Recent)

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Note: Imminent release content/dates are subject to change.

Dashboard Enhancements V23.4 (Feb  2024) #

  • Ability to add a video link in ‘Info’ and ‘Report’ Pages.

Dashboard Enhancements V23.3 (18th April 2023) #

  • Job description on Asset Job Sidebar now includes Survey Name.
  • Google satellite view/map of asset location now on the Asset Job Sidebar.
  • ‘All’ user role profile renamed ‘Operations Management’ for clarity.
  • ‘View HTML’ button text replaced with ‘View Report’ for clarity in the reporting screen.
  • Super long questions now wrap around on survey item builder screen.

Dashboard Enhancement V23.2 (24th March 2023) #

  • When reviewing a job there is now the ability to cancel (nullify) stepper, slider, star, RAG, single choice, multiple choice, or on/off toggle question responses.

Dashboard Enhancement V23.1 (13th January 2023) #

  • Survey sections are displayed when adding a survey template to a job.

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