Website SSL Certification / HTTPS

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Introduction #

A website needs an SSL certificate in order to earn user trust, safeguard user data, confirm the site’s ownership, stop attackers from building a fake version of the site, and keep user information secure.

Encryption #

The public-private key combination that SSL certificates enable makes SSL/TLS encryption possible. The SSL certificate of a server provides clients (like web browsers) with the public key required to open a TLS connection.

Authentication #

SSL certificates ensure that a client is communicating with the legitimate server that controls the domain. This shields users from attacks like domain spoofing.


An SSL certificate is required for an HTTPS web address, which is especially important for enterprises. The secure version of HTTP is HTTPS, and HTTPS websites are those whose traffic is SSL/TLS encrypted.

Brightchecker’s SSL Certificate #

The Brightchecker Website SSL certificate has been assessed and provided by Cloudflare.

Click/tap on the Browser’s padlock to the left of the Brightchecker URL address and explore site information to confirm the Brightchecker URL and subdomain SSL Certification status.

To learn more about Cloudflare and SSL certificates click/tap on this link:

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