Trouble Shooting

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Introduction #

The troubleshooting section is split into two parts.

Part 1: Specific Issues

Part 2: General Advice

Specific Issues #

Whilst performing a Dashboard sidebar task, a red warning message appears. #

Step 1 #

In most instances, the red warning message will inform you what you need to do. This often involves selecting compulsory choices for that task. Your attention will be drawn to incomplete/inappropriate selections by warning text.

Step 2 #

Check if you need to log back into the dashboard – click on the main menu home button, if you have been timed out by inactivity you will be prompted to log back in.

Cannot Sync Job Onto Mobile Device #

Step 1

Do you have a good internet signal? If not find a Wi-Fi, 4 g or 5g internet connection, and try again.


Have you successfully set up the job? Check that the job appears on the ‘Manage Jobs’ List.

Check which surveyor ID has been allocated the Job. To do this click the pen icon next to the job to open the edit job sidebar.

Check which user ID you are logged into on the mobile device. To do this click on the three horizontal lines (AKA the menu burger bar) at the top of the App.

As a result, the App menu sidebar appears. The App User ID is noted at the bottom of the menu sidebar.

Does the job surveyor ID match the App Surveyor ID? If not amend one or the other User IDs to match who you intended it for. Then Sync App Jobs.

General Advice #

Did something still not go to plan? Double-check the appropriate part of the knowledge base. The videos can be very helpful.

Have you still got a problem? Please use the email button below and we will provide support.

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