Frequently Asked Questions

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How Long To Learn The Basics? #

Everyone is different, so it’s hard to say. However, the quick-start video guides take less than an hour and form a solid Dashboard / App starting point. After that, our training features and illustrated knowledge base can help expand your knowledge.

Is The Brightchecker App Restricted To IOS & Android Devices? #

No, it’s not restricted to IOS & Android, you can use the Brightchecker App on PC & Macbook! Without a touch-sensitive screen, you simply ‘click and drag’.

How Big Can You Make Report Photographs? #

  • Any photograph specifically appended to a cover/information page – will cover most or all of a page
  • Main photographs & item-level photographs – our  ‘medium’ size
  • Notes photographs – our smallest size (but can be expanded see below!)

Can I Expand the Report Photos? What is The Maximum Photo Resolution? #

Click on any photo in a report and it will open up in a bigger size format and to its maximum resolution! What maximum resolution are photos? That depends on the original photo ratio. For example, a 16:9 photo will be compressed and stored at just over 1.5 million pixels.

Can I Brand My Reports? #

Yes, whilst you have a primary brand, you can still brand any report any way you like.

Can I Take Photos Against Any Question Type? #

Yes, so long as that question had the ‘notes’ ability set during survey design.

Can I Duplicate Survey Sections & Items during An Offline Job? #

Yes, you can rename them too!

Can I Dictate Survey Responses Using The Brightchecker App? #

If your mobile device supports dictation, and you have an internet signal then yes!

What Are The Background Pictures Behind The Menu Screens? #

Our team is based in Norwich England, and these are pictures of our ‘home town’.

What Does a Spinning Circular Arrow Signify? #

When you see a circular spinning arrow the system is performing a task. Once the task is complete the spinning arrow will disappear.

What RAM Does My Device Need To Run The Brightchecker App? #

Your mobile device needs at least 0.5GB of unused RAM memory to run the Brightchecker App. As with most Apps more is better, especially if you are going to be doing lots of jobs with hundreds of photos.

What Processing Power Does My Device Need To Run The Brightchecker App? #

We have successfully run the App with phones & tablets that were deemed ‘mid range’ from 3 years ago. As with most Apps more processing power is better, especially if you are going to be doing lots of jobs with hundreds of photos.

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