15.3 Home Screen

Your home screen shows all the jobs that have been allocated to a user.

Scroll up and down the screen to see jobs.

Each job shows

  • The location of the job is on a map.
  • The address.
  • The proposed job start date.

Home Screen Actions

  • Click synchronise icon top right to update the home screen.
  • Click the document button to see specific job notes.
  • Click the filter button (to the right of the ‘Your jobs’ text) to filter jobs based on submitted jobs or unsubmitted Jobs.
  • Click on the ‘AZ’ button (to the right of the ‘Your jobs’ text) to sort jobs by increasing or decreasing start dates.
  • Click the map arrow button to open google maps.
  • Click ‘list’ icon to see asset notes.
  • Click ‘View’ to enter a job.
  • Click the three parallel lines top left to go to the menu screen.

Select Job

On the ‘Your Jobs’ screen, click the ‘view’ button associated with a job.