11.2 Questions: Set Conditional Logic (DB)

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Conditional Logic/Question Masking #

Do you want a question to appear if another (Trigger) question is answered a certain way? This is known as ‘conditional logic’ or question masking.

The Trigger Question response is compared to the value and operator of the conditional question. The result is a logical value—either TRUE or FALSE. When the Logical value is TRUE the conditional question will appear in the App.

To create a conditional question click the conditional* question toggle. As a result, a question selection box will appear underneath the conditional question circle line.

Select a trigger question by scrolling/clicking on a question. Only numeric, range, and on /off toggle questions from within the current item will be listed for possible selection.

Operator Options #

The trigger question type will determine the list of operator options that will appear.

Operator options can include:

  • Greater than
  • Less than
  • Equals
  • Doesn’t equal

Click on an operator option to select it.

Value Options #

The trigger question type will determine whether a numeric value must be input or a predetermined value must be selected.

Click on a predetermined value to select it, or input a numeric value.

How To Save A Conditional Question #

To save a conditional question complete all other aspects of the question and click save.

What Happens if a Trigger Question is Deleted? #

Deleting the trigger question on which the conditional question is dependent will mean that the conditional question will remain hidden from the App respondent.


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