14.3 Review & Share Reports (DB)

Review & Share Reports. Find out all the tips and tricks to review & Share a Brightchecker Report, with our user friendly guide.

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Review An Online Report #

Inspect what the finished report looks like, just in case you want to make any final amendments.

  • From the Report Builder screen, Click on ‘view HTML’.

  • As a result, this will generate the report on a new browser page.
  • Scroll up and down the report.
  • Click on a photo to enlarge the photo.
  • To close the report close the browser tab.

Share Report URL Link #

Share a report URL, so that the recipient can see the electronic version of a report.

  • From the ‘Report Builder’ screen, click the ‘Share’ button.

  • As a result, the ‘Share Report’ pop up screen appears with the URL link to the report.

  • Click the ‘document icon’ button to the right of the URL. This will copy the URL to your device’s clipboard.

  • Paste the URL, using your device’s functionality, into an email, document etc.

Print A Report #

From a browser tab that is displaying a report.

Use the browser print report feature.

Best Print Presentation: Set the page/print size to A4 or larger for best results.

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