15.5 Section Items

Filter Items

Click on the filter button. Items can be filtered to show only items that meet the following criteria.

  • All Items with answered questions
  • All Items with unanswered required questions
  • All Items with unanswered questions
  • All Items with questions (N.B. effectively removes the three filters above)

See Every Item Associated With A Section

Swipe items up & down to see all items associated with a section.

Question Balls

Each item has a set of questions balls. Each ball has a number.

  • Red ball number = required questions with no response.
  • Grey ball number = optional & recommended questions with no response.
  • Green ball number = all questions (of any type) with a response.

Select An Item

Click on an item. The item screen opens.

Duplicate An Item

  • Click the ‘+ add item’ footer option. The add item screen opens.
  • To add an item from this or any other section, type in the item name into the text box.
  • To add an item from this section, click on the item name.
  • Only items that can be duplicated will be shown.
  • Select an item to duplicate and a section to place it in.
  • Click the ‘X’ icon next to a question to delete it.
  • Click ‘Save’ to create the item once all item selections/ changes have been made.
  • Click ‘Save & Add Another’ to save the item and to add another item.
  • Click ‘Cancel’ to stop adding an item.

Open an item to see item questions

Click an item.

  • The item title appears at the top of the questions. If supporting item photos and additional text are present these will also be displayed.
  • Questions appear in sequence underneath.
  • Swipe questions up and down to see all questions.
  • Interact with the questions as appropriate.
  • After you enter text/photos in a notes section, a green tick appears next to it to inform you that text/photos are present when notes are minimised.