13.8 Edit Survey Question Responses

In the ‘Job Reference’  screen, the ‘current’ answer column, reflects the original responses given during the performance of the survey and any saved amendments.

The report content is generated from the ‘current’ column and the notes that can be found to the right of the ‘answer column’.

  • In the answer column click on an answer, and you can (1) input a revised response to a question (within the options/ constraints of the original survey question) or (2) click on the bin icon to delete a photo.
  • Click the circular arrow to the right of the ‘answer’ column to reset an unsaved revision back to the ‘current’ answer.
  • Click ‘save’ to copy the revised responses/actions across to the current column.
  • If you leave the screen without clicking ‘save’ any unsaved revisions/photo deletions will be lost.
  • Once a revision has been saved it replaces the original answer.