15.4 Job Survey Screen

The following information is displayed on the job screen (in the Brightchecker app)

  • The job address and proposed job date is displayed at the top of the screen.
  • A survey section is centrally displayed under the address.
  • Survey items, which relate to the centrally displayed section, appear underneath the centrally displayed section.

See Asset Property Notes

Where can I write surveyor job notes – that will be visible to the job reviewer but not the final report (in the Brightchecker app)

  • Click the document button, then the ‘your notes’ tab to write surveyor comments on the job. These comments will not appear on the final report – but will be visible to the job reviewer in the dashboard.
  • Click the arrow button to see the job address on google maps.

Swiping Survey Sections

Swipe survey sections left or right to see other sections (where present). As the sections move the items associated with each new central section will be shown underneath that section.

Duplicate Survey Section


  • To add another section, swipe the sections to the left until the orange ‘+’ button appears. Click the orange ‘+’ button. The sections screen opens.
  • The section screen shows every section associated with the survey template associated with the job.
  • Sections that are available to be duplicated appear under the heading ‘ADD SECTION’. Click ‘+Add.’ Accept the original section name or amend as appropriate N.B. You will not be able to change its name at a later point. Click ‘Save’ to add the new section. Click ‘X’ to stop adding a section.

Review Every Survey Section At Once

  • Click ‘grid’ icon to go to the Sections ‘Grid’ View / Add Section Screen.
  • Swipe up and down to see all job sections.
  • Click a section to move to that section’s items.
  • Click ‘< ‘to return to Home Screen.

Section Level Progress

Each section is surrounded by a circular progress bar. As the respondent answers required questions the progress bar moves clockwise and changes colour. If there are no required questions or all required questions have a response the circular progress bar is green and 100% complete.

Section Ticks


Where all the items under a section have had all their questions answered (and consequently have a tick), then the section will have a tick.