15.6 Send Completed Jobs (App)

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Click/Tap #

As the app is designed to be used with either a touchscreen device or a mouse/touchpad/keyboard system, Click/Tap is used in the instructions to indicate a user selection/action.

Send Job Responses Back To The Dashboard #

Important Note: Remember that if you are charged for your data connection, you may wish to wait for a Wi-Fi connection.

  • From the job screen. Tap/Click the ‘send’ option on the footer.

  • As a result the complete & send screen opens.

  • Enter any notes you wish to make about the job for the job reviewers’ attention.


  • Tap/Click ‘send now’ to submit the job.


How Long To Send Survey Responses Back To The Dashboard? #

This depends on:

  1. Survey size
  2. The level of content/photos
  3. The quality of your internet connection
  4. Your device

If you have a small survey, only a few photos, a good device, and a good Internet connection sending a job may only take a few seconds.

If you have a larger survey, 200 photos, a good device, and a good internet connection sending a job may only take 2 minutes or less.

We recommend using a good Wi-Fi connection for larger jobs.

Job Sent Confirmation #

When a job has been successfully sent to the dashboard you will receive a notification. You will receive a notification if this is not the case. You can always retry with a better data connection.

How To Abort Sending The Job #

  • Tap/Click ‘Cancel’ on the footer to abort sending the job.

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