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Focused On Checking Fixtures

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Our Homebuyer survey focuses on the fixtures of a property. Included is a visual inspection, we check fixtures are in reasonable condition and we highlight any issues that might warrant further investigation to help you avoid unexpected repair costs.

Why Do You Need a Brightchecker Homebuyer Report?

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Properties are sold as caveat emptor in other words the buyer alone is responsible for checking the quality and suitability of a home before a purchase is made.

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Most popular property website listings have a disclaimer that the real estate agent has not tested any facilities, equipment or services. This includes the property's condition and all the features.

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Fixtures like taps, showers, cupboards and doors aren't always obvious if they contain faults. They can be embarrassing to check yourself or you forget. These unexpected costs mount up. 

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Traditional surveys in the UK such as a home buyers survey do not check the suitable operation or function of fixtures in a property as it isn't their primary focus. It is primarily a structural survey focused on major defects that affect the asking price. 

How it Works

You order a property check. We collect the details about the property and estate agent.

We arrange access to the property directly with the estate agent and occupier. Including picking up the keys.

Our Brightchecker checks the property and compiles the report using our app. 

You receive the report either the same day or within 24 hours of the check being done after our quality checks.

Example Finds From Our Comprehensive Report...

As an alternative to a RICs condition report or a homebuyers survey from the residential property surveyors association. You can get a detailed report from Brightchecker.

Picture of Damaged Electrical Socket


We plug in socket testers to check for wiring and function issues with accessible sockets around the property. We check for damage to the housing too. Electrical work can amount to major works in a property. 

Picture of Sink With One Faulty Tap


We interact with the fixtures of the property and log any issues we may find. Taps, toilets and showers are checked to unearth faults which are not visible. This becomes an urgent defect if you don't have a working toilet. 

Picture of Internal Cracks With 2p Wedged In

Internal Cracks and Damp

Cracks in a property can indicate a larger issue such as subsidence. We pick up signs of damp which could indicate issues with ventilation. 

Picture of Missing Guttering

Roof and Rainwater

We check for missing or broken tiles, guttering, downpipes, fascias and soffits which can require costly repair work if left alone to the elements.

Picture of Fence Line

Perimeter and Garden

We check the perimeter of the property and highlight any access or security issues for people and pets. We can find possible health hazards too.

Picture of Cracks in Grey Render

External Cracks

Cracks on a property elevation can indicate major faults such as subsidence. External issues can affect the internal areas of the property too causing structural problems. Although we do not give details advice, if we see it we will photograph it in high definition. 

Picture of Cracks in Grey Render

Issues Caused By Pets

Unruly pets can cause significant damage to property especially when furry friends are left unchecked. Whether it is animal waste or scratch damage we will evidence.

Picture of Cracks in Grey Render

Signs of Illegal Activity

This one is an extreme example where the entire top floor of the property was converted for illicit purposes. Any signs of this kind of activity will be evidenced in our home report.

For modern homes, new properties or larger or older properties we give you background information so you can make an informed decision on your purchase.

We Offer Two Survey Types

Internal Only

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Our inspection will cover all interior areas only. This is normally the inspection to opt for if you have no responsibility for the building or have no garden. We assess the reasonable condition of all fixtures.

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Internal and External

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Our inspection will cover all interior and exterior areas. This is normally the inspection to opt for if you are responsible for the building and have a garden. This is our whole house survey.

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Our Checklist

Our survey uncovers problems in property any competent tradesperson would be able to point out from their relevant sector. We have helped customers save money off the purchase price.  Similar to a new build snagging survey we take lots of pictures. The list below shows the specialist attention we provide below:

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We are a complimentary package to any other homebuyer survey you might already have as we check areas that are unique to our checklist. We uncover most common things to help you avoid expensive surprises with this type of survey. 

Why Us

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We deal with arranging access, picking up keys and liase directly with the estate agent and seller. No need for you to be involved in the process. 

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We are on your side. If you ask us to do an inspection on your behalf we will inspect the property thoroughly. We know speed is of the essence and offer a same-day homebuyer report as the check is conducted. 

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Unlike any other homebuyers report with complicated condition ratings. We show you what we see in a property and leave the jargon out of the report. Highlighting issues on basic condition of features that cost you money.

Available in East Anglia

We worked with customers to help them save money by getting the seller to fix issues before they purchased. For more urgent problems we can help advise next steps. 

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As the perfect compliment to a structural survey or a report from chartered surveyors, our house survey helps to uncover problems our surveyor considers to be a nuisance or what affects your enjoyment of the property.

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