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Background #

A Progressive Web App (PWA) provides a browser-based experience akin to a native app. From the end user’s perspective, there is no distinction to be made between a PWA and a native app.

The Brightchecker App is a PWA. It has its own database so it can operate offline, you only need internet connectivity when you want to sync it.

App Characteristics #

  1. Secure. The HTTPS protocol helps keep things safe and secure from hackers or data breaches.
  2. Fast. Pre-cached pages to give quick loading times.
  3. Engaging. An eye-catching user interface, with icons and guidance photos.
  4. Responsive. Smooth animations and user interactions.
  5. Reliable. Offline capability and seamless updates.

Better On IOS Or Android? #

The app experience across both mobile operating systems is 99.9% the same. Only installation, the appearance and feel of tick boxes for single and multiple choices, and photo options differ slightly. In reality, there are no problems at all when an App user from one operating system switches to the other, the experience remains intuitive and simple.

Best IOS Browser? #

We recommend Safari.

Best Android Browser? #

We recommend the Firefox Browser – it will give you the best Brightchecker PWA experience.

PWA Use By Top Brands #

Some top brands that use PWAs:

  • BMW
  • Forbes
  • Spotify
  • Starbucks
  • Trivago
  • Twitter
  • Uber

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