6.2 Set Up & Edit ‘My Branding’

My Branding – Benefits

My branding settings accelerate report template creation.

From the ‘My Organisation’ screen, look top right.


  • Logo
  • Primary colour
  • Secondary colour
  • Accent colour


The primary, secondary, and accent colours are all set to default values when you first use the system. There is no default logo.

How To Set Up & Edit the branding

  • From the ‘My organization’ screen, click on the pen icon to the right of ‘My Branding’ to update details. The update my branding sidebar opens. Click the x button to close the sidebar if needed.
  • Click on the Logo box to click and drag your logo in
  • Click on any of the colour boxes to set a new colour. There are three ways to do this. Click on the colour graded box, enter an RGB value or click the arrows to the right of RGB to enter a hexadecimal value.
  • Click on the update branding button. The sidebar will automatically close.