14.1 Attach A Report Template To A Job

Each job must be attached to at least one report template to generate a report. You can attach several different report templates to a job if you want to report the job in several different ways. You do not have to have a report template in mind when you create a survey template and populate it, although it helps.

From the ‘Job Reference’ screen, click the ‘Reports’ button, to open the ‘Reports’ sidebar. The reporting sidebar opens.

All report templates already associated with a job are listed under the title ‘online reports’.

To add a duplicate of an existing report template click in the box under ‘create from existing’ to see a list of pre-existing report templates. Click the one you want to use. Alternatively, start typing the name of the one you want to use, and the system will display the best report template matches. Click the one you want to use.

All reporting templates associated with a job, have several icons listed against them.

  • Pen icon button = Edit
  • Eye icon button = View

Bin icon button = Delete