How to Produce a Brightchecker Job Report

How to Produce a Brightchecker Job Report

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This blog post explains how to produce a Brightchecker Job Report.


Once you have reviewed job data in the dashboard its time to produce the end product – the job report.

The job report is a fusion of the job data and report template (think in terms of a document that wraps around the job data).

When you create a report template you can reuse it as many times as you like.

You can:

  • Set up and white label report templates. A report template can include (amongst other things) cover pages, information pages, back pages, and of course a space for the job data itself.
  • Have as many report templates as you like.


For the purposes of this article we will assume that you have :

  • Submitted a job from the App, and used a credit to get access to it in the dashboard.
  • Reviewed and edited the job data in the dashboard.

How to Produce a Job Report

Next we explore how to produce a job report.

Where an action opens a new view or option this is described in blue italic text.

Stage 1:

From the job management screen…. 

  1. Find your job then click on the eye icon.
  2. As a result the job review screen opens
  3. Click on the reports button
  4. As a result the reports sidebar opens
  5. Click on the master report drop down box, then click on a report template (we have used a ‘pre-canned’ system report)
  6. Click on the duplicate button
  7. As a result a copy of our master template is attached to the job

Stage 2

  1. click on the pen icon next to the report template attached to the job.
  2. As a result the report template opens at the content page
  3. Scroll down the content page and click on the sections drop down
  4. Click  ‘all sections’ (but you can select just one or more sections if you’d like)
  5. Click the update button (you can find this bottom right)
  6. From the top of the screen click on ‘back to reports’
  7. As a result the sidebar reports screen appears
  8. Click on the eye icon next to the report template attached to the job
  9. As a result your report appears on a new browser tab


You can:

  • Create your own templates, or use (or even modify) bright checker report templates.
  • Amend a report template to respond to what you found at the job.
  • Attach as many report templates as you like to the same job (and produce as many different takes on the same job as you like).

Need More Information?

We hope you now have an appreciation of how to produce a brightchecker job report. However, if you need more then check out:

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