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London Proptech Show 2023 Summary

Brightchecker attended the London Proptech Show 2023 to showcase our powerful inspection software for residential and commercial property although it can just as easily be used for vehicles boats or spaceships too 😉 “agnostic” is the best word to describe it. The planning for the event was all-encompassing and required a new roller banner and a couple of new leaflets …

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App Sumo Brightchecker Offer

We’ve partnered with AppSumo to give you an epic deal!Same Great FeaturesGet all the same great features that make Brightchecker subscription plans awesome such as unlimited access to the survey builder, unlimited users and unlimited white labeled reports. Lifetime AccessGet access forever and always to the Brightchecker platform. Get Access Below:

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For Landlords: How to Conduct a Legionella Risk Assessment

A form of pathogenic bacterium known as legionella is connected to water systems, such as water tanks, piping, showerheads, and whirlpool baths that are frequently found in residential buildings. The bacteria has the potential to induce a variety of pneumonia-like infections if it becomes airborne (in water spray, mist, or vapour), at which point it can be breathed in by …

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Fitness for Human Habitation Act (FFHH): Landlord Tips

The Fitness for Human Habitation Act was introduced on 20th March 2019.  (Link to Gov website)In simple terms, it means all landlords in England (including letting agencies) are required to maintain their properties so they meet the minimum standard for human habitation at the beginning and for the duration of the tenancy.  The aim of the Act is to give …

How to Maximise Your App User Experience With Icons

Do you want to find a way to maximise your app user experience? Then look no further, the team at Brightchecker are here to help you. When we embarked on our software development journey we wrote a significant specification document and negotiated a contract with a well renowned established software development agency. We chose a team closer to home, this …

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New Property Inspection Software Released

New app saves hours of admin on property & asset checking Brightchecker has developed a self-service app that reduces the hours wasted by property managers, housing associations and individual homeowners on checking and reporting on the condition of their assets. The easy-to-use app allows an individual to capture details of an asset like a property with prompted visual checks and …

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What Type of Home Survey Do You Need?

A survey is an assessment of the condition of a property. There are various types of homebuyers survey, such as standard, niche and specialist surveys. As a buyer considering a property, you can get any number of surveys conducted on what will eventually become your property (all being well). Of course, though if the property purchase falls through for whatever …