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Is Customer Feedback Important?

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Yes, Absolutely! The Brightchecker team love feedback from existing and potential customers. It provides invaluable insights into your needs and challenges. In this ‘Is Customer Feedback Important?’ article, we’ll delve more into why this is (and how you can contact us!).

Your Feedback Matters!

feedback, customer, satisfaction

We value our customers’ opinions and are committed to delivering a great experience.

By listening to and understanding what you have to say, we can better align our survey templates and future developments with your needs, wants, and pain points.

Furthermore, your customer feedback provides an opportunity for us to identify and rectify any issues or shortcomings in our survey templates, technology, or overall customer experience.

Without your customer feedback, we might be unaware of improvements that need to be made.

By delving into your comments, reviews, suggestions, and (very occasionally) complaints, we can make better development choices that address your needs more effectively.

Moreover, your feedback provides a unique opportunity for us to engage in a collaborative development process.

Customer Feedback in Action

Practical Workshops

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Recently we spent an hour and a half in person with a health and safety team that already use Brightchecker.

They have a dedicated training room.

It was great to see see Brightchecker up on a huge screen!

They took us through the survey templates they have built, and some of the jobs and final reports they have have completed.

Sometimes they wanted to know how things could be done, or had ideas on how things could be done in the future.

We like to think we have a great knowledge base, but sometimes all it takes is a quick ‘have you tried?’ suggestion.

There was even a moment where the health and safety team used the Brightchecker report to do something that even we hadn’t seen done before!

The takeaway message was that both parties got something of value from the collaboration.

Teams Calls

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Its not always practical to meet up in person so we are always happy to meet up on teams!

Trade Shows

We love to meet existing customers and potential customers at trade shows. You can find us in front of the Brightchecker stand dressed in our smart Brightchecker tops.

Rumour has it that our stand often has cholates and other goodies on offer.

Comment on our Knowledge Base Articles

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Let us know where a knowledge base article did or didn’t solve your problem. This gives us the chance to better adapt the knowledge base to your needs.

Support Email, Phone or Social Media

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Drop us a line via our Support Email, phone number or social media

The Old Fashioned Way

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We can meet up over a coffee (sometimes a beer) if you are in the neighbourhood!

In Summary – Your Feedback

We wouldn’t be without it!

The Brightchecker App

Check out the Brightchecker App for Inspections – already in use for over a year with our subscribers who save time, identify remedial works, and create a great professional report every time.

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