How Many Checklist Questions?

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Its a great question, just how many checklist questions can you put on one Brightchecker inspection template?

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Is there a Maximum?

Well, I don’t know about a maximum but I recently found out that one of our subscribers had put 1,500 questions on a single survey template!

Wow, that’s a lot of questions!

Perhaps even more impressive was that they were big multiple choice questions. which meant that the Brightchecker app had to accommodate 12,000 unique multiple choice options.

Moreover, they were not just a,b,c responses but full sentences! Now that’s impressive.

The app experience remained silky smooth as they scrolled through the questions, and selected the multi choice options.

They even threw in some photo’s and free text for extra measure.

Wow again.

Home Inspection Software Benefits

Its great to see the Brightchecker platform being used this way!

The Review Stage

The subscriber could change every single one of the 1,500 question responses at the review stage.

They could even add whole new pages to the report to dive into depth on the issues they had found.

That’s something you don’t see every day.

The Final Report

With 1,500 questions the final published report was produced in seconds when the report button was pressed.

In Summary – How Many Checklist Questions?

Hopefully we’ve satisfied your curiosity.

Now I reckon I’m going to have to try and beat 1,500 questions.

When I do I’ll be back to tell you!

[Stop Press: The same subscriber now has a bigger survey template…with over 1,800 questions and 15,000 bespoke multiple choice responses – wow] 

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