London Proptech Show 2023 Summary

In Blog by Mark Trett

Brightchecker attended the London Proptech Show 2023 to showcase our powerful inspection software for residential and commercial property although it can just as easily be used for vehicles boats or spaceships too 😉 “agnostic” is the best word to describe it. The planning for the event was all-encompassing and required a new roller banner and new residential inspection software leaflets to be designed and printed plus a table runner. Having recently attended the B2B Norfolk Exhibition as an initial attempt at exhibiting Brightchecker we knew what we needed to make this event a sure fire success (it also helps to have some event know-how from doing historical reenactment ).

Why attend the Show?

We know the world of real estate is changing rapidly, and technology is playing an increasingly important role in shaping the industry’s future. This was part of our drive to build a user-centric inspection platform to enable users to create any template to digitise almost any checklist and hold all of the data collected in one central cloud-based system. We wanted to attend to ensure Brightchecker was part of the industry conversation.

Real estate, more specifically prop tech was the central theme of the event, where industry leaders, tech innovators, investors and generally curious people came together to see the latest trends and to hear about developments in the space.

Although John and I didn’t get to spend much time away from our stand, the event had numerous speakers and round-table discussions going on throughout the day. Topics were varied and we were told by people that came to speak to us that the speaking slots were extremely interesting.

The Neighbours

Around our stand, we had two interesting teams who we chatted and shared chocolates with. On our right was Key Nest – which makes the exchange of keys a breeze when you don’t have a 24/7 concierge by using stores to hand over. On our left was Marvin, a team from France where we heard the coffee and bread are so much better than in London. They had a nifty AI platform to help with rental management.

In addition to presentations and panels, the event ran a two-day pitch event where start-ups were invited to pitch. We were one of a number lucky enough to be selected, plus John tells me he managed to squeeze in the line “are you not entertained?” from Gladiator. There was no video evidence so I have to take his word for it. We decided to go with a story-based pitch on a very interesting property we previously inspected. Our goal was to showcase the need for a fast, consistent and flexible inspection platform. If you want to hear more about blood-soaked illegal cannabis farms then look no further – John is available for bookings.

Overall, the London Proptech show was a great experience and we’re looking forward to attending again next year.

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