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New Powerful Inspection Software Released

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New powerful inspection software app saves hours of admin on property & asset checking

Brightchecker has developed a self-service app that reduces the hours wasted by property managers, housing associations and individual homeowners on checking and reporting on the condition of their assets.

The easy-to-use app allows an individual to capture details of an asset like a property with prompted visual checks and narrative on a mobile device and at the touch of a button, a professional report can be produced. The app also includes functionality to include images and video and contains templates for landlords and property owners that can be fully branded and customised to the user.

Property managers, like landlords and businesses that operate holiday lets, need fast check-in and check-outs and often overlook the detail on property conditions because of time constraints. This can often mean problems don’t get noticed and become worse leaving owners faced with a period of unoccupancy due to issues needing fixing. Also in the property let space time and money could be spent embroiled in deposit disputes because thorough checks have not happened.

Brightchecker is the brainchild of former Aviva Insight Manager, Mark Trett, he said “Having researched the property rental market and after experiencing issues myself when checking over a property, I discovered a need to provide a simple solution. Property Managers were not doing comprehensive checks, leaving themselves open to deposit disputes and unoccupancy periods. A lot of this was to do with the time it takes to do a check and produce a formal report, on average it would take 2-3 hours manually, the app reduces this significantly, removes the administrative pain and provides a professional record which landlord and tenant can agree on.”

St Georges works who are a user of the Brightchecker app filled out a Trustpilot review for them and they said:

“Simple and Intuitive Property Management Solution – St George’s Works are delighted to be working with the Housecheckr Team, using their intuitive app and services to improve both the management of our Serviced Offices and the overall Tenant experience in our buildings.”

The new service will enable more comprehensive and professional evaluation than solutions available today, from checking a single home to a university to a large commercial office space. It’s another example of Norwich growing in status as a hub for entrepreneurs harnessing tech to benefit businesses in the area and beyond.

Businesses or individuals can use the service to assess the property’s condition. This will show the property state of repair and what’s more point out where there are faults that could prove costly to fix.

The service has multiple applications across many different types of business. The team are keen to work with more local businesses, such as universities, property portfolio owners or commercial landlords to add to their growing number of advocates.

Prices are subscription-based charged per month and start at £5 per month for one credit with the price per check reducing with more volume of reports produced. You can personalise your subscription when you sign up. There is a free 14-day trial which comes with free credit to try out the system and produce a report.



The Brightchecker property inspection software makes it easy to capture and create a professional assessment for a property or any other asset. The app is used on property to save time on checking condition like inventory reports and check-in and out for residential and commercial buildings.

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