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We make sure you are completely in-the-know on your property before you buy. Don't get caught out and experience buyer's remorse after your move.

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Why get a report?

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Uniquely, we check and interact with the fixtures
of a property to unearth otherwise hidden faults.

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We look for faults in the property which cost you money due to lack of care or poor maintenance.

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Our reports are produced using our app, so you get the information the same day as the check is done.

Our Surveys and Reports

We offer three survey packages which cover interior only, interior plus exterior and a 3D scan. All cover properties with up to four bedrooms. We do also offer a bespoke service for larger properties and commercial landlords.

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How it works

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You order a property check. We collect the details about the property. 

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We sort access to the property. Our surveyor conducts the check.

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The report is compiled by our app. We quality check the report and findings.

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You receive your PDF report via email within 24 hours of survey completion.

What we find

Our checks can signal things that could cost you time and money to sort out:

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We plug in socket testers to check for wiring and function issues with accessible sockets around the property. We check for damage to the housing too.

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We interact with the fixtures of the property and log any issues we may find. Taps, toilets and showers are checked to unearth faults which are not visible.

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Internal Cracks

Cracks in a property can indicate a larger issue such as subsidence. We pick up signs of damp which could indicate issues with ventilation.

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Roof & Rainwater

We check for missing or broken tiles, guttering, downpipes, fascias and soffits which can require costly repairs if left alone to the elements

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Perimeter & Garden

We check the perimeter of the property and highlight any access or security issues for people and pets. We can find possible health hazards too.

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External Cracks

Cracks on a property elevation can indicate a larger issue such as subsidence. External issues can affect the internal areas of the property too.


Are experienced property checkers who are adept at spotting potential property issues. We use a combination of property know-how and training, along with a comprehensive checklist covering every detail of a property to ensure you receive a high quality, useful report. All DBS checked and fully insured.

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Our Services and Prices

Are fixed for up to four bedroom properties, if more than four please contact us


Interior Visual Assessment and Practical Checks

We assess the property room by room looking for faults plus we interact with the property fixtures unearthing non-visual faults.

Add to Cart£179.99 inc. VAT


Interior Exterior Visual and Practical Checks

Interior visual and practical checks plus visual check of exterior of the property, elevations, rainwater goods, grounds and perimeter.

Add to Cart£299.99 inc. VAT


Interior Exterior Visual and Practical, 3D Scan

Interior and exterior visual and practical checks plus complete interior property scan, with defects tagged on walkthrough, plus floor plan. 

Add to Cart£599.99 inc. VAT

Our Sample Reports


Interior and Exterior


3D Defect Walkthrough

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