Propcheck – The New 3D Walkthrough Experience

Local businesses team up to launch Propcheck - ‘Show & Tell’ property surveys.

Two Norfolk proptech start-ups, Insight UK & Brightchecker, have developed Propcheck, a state-of-the-art 3D surveying service for assessing the condition of a property. It is ideal for home buyers, tenants, property developers and landlords, especially those that cannot view in-person, which is particularly pertinent as we come out of the COVID-19 pandemic. It is yet another example of entrepreneurs in this region, harnessing tech to benefit the local economy here and beyond.

Propcheck combines 3D virtual tour scanning, GPS and imagery with detailed visual checks and narrative to provide a view of a property that feels like you are actually there and a digital report of its’ condition and snags. The survey can be used for; estimating levels of repair or renovation needed, carrying out viewings as a landlord, vendor, prospective buyer, tenant and can also be used for all kinds of property marketing.

And what is more you can view as many times as you like without being there!

See for yourself - click here

The new quick and efficient service will enable more comprehensive and professional evaluation of property than solutions available currently, from surveying residential homes to schools and large commercial office spaces.

The Propcheck team scan the property and produce a digital twin and detailed condition check. The novelty of this survey report is that it is embedded into a virtual reality 3D model of the property with information points embedded highlighting aspects of the property requiring attention. Businesses or individuals can use this service to assess property condition.

The 3D models are created using the latest equipment and produce plans and measurements to architectural levels of accuracy.

Mike Harrington, CEO Creative Director of Insight UK, and Mark Trett CEO of Brightchecker are the creators of Propcheck.

Mark said, ‘It was so refreshing to hear of another start-up in the same space as us, that is completely complimentary and provides a much-needed accurate view of property in a sector needing technological advancement. We have spoken to several businesses whose checking procedures are time consuming and costly, also sporadic and inconsistent, our service is a real game-changer’.

Mike said, ‘We are so pleased to be able to provide a service that uses all the amazing visual software out there to give businesses and their clients, not only a very accurate picture, but to feel like they are actually in the property and walking around it, it’s completely interactive. The results are sure to wow clients and provide a reality check at the same time.’

The service has application across many different types of business. The team are keen to work with more local businesses, such as schools, property portfolio owners or commercial landlords to add to there/their growing number of advocates.

Prices start at £500 + VAT for a property with up to 4 bedrooms or POA for commercial premises or property portfolios.

Background to both businesses

Insight UK is a multi-media company providing virtual tour packages for a wide variety of organisations. Using the latest 4K technology, Insight UK immerses the viewer in a digital twin and allows businesses to embed extra information about their products and USPs in the form of engaging videos, captivating photography and weblinks e.g., for virtual shopping. Virtual reality tours are a new, exciting way of showcasing facilities and products.

Brightchecker provide a manned or self-service app that makes it easy to capture and create a professional survey for a property or any other asset. The service and app are used to save time on checking property condition like inventory reports, maintenance work, renovations and check-in and out for residential and commercial buildings.