How to Maximise Your App User Experience With Icons

Do you want to find a way to maximise your app user experience? Then look no further, the team at Brightchecker are here to help you.

When we embarked on our software development journey we wrote a significant specification document and negotiated a contract with a well renowned established software development agency. We chose a team closer to home, this enabled us to get to their office for discovery sessions and other meetings as needed.

The process was set out as the following:

  • Initial discovery phases to understand the full scope of the work
  • Full workshop and designs
  • Agree on designs

Final step was committing code.

The Brightchecker platform is made of three distinct parts.

  1. The survey builder
  2. The user app
  3. The reporting engine

The user app relies on being a very visual experience for the app user, therefore we needed a reliable bank of icons to choose from. Due to the completely agnostic nature of the system (in the sense it doesn’t care what you want to build) our best choice was to go for a large icon repository we could tap into to use in the app.

We decided to choose based on the recommendation from our agency and went for the free unicon library from Iconscout.

Link below:

Iconscout Free Unicon Library

You can view the full library by viewing the link. However, John (Co-founder) has gone through all of them and compiled a list of useful to use with the Brightchecker app. When searching for an icon in the platform you will need to type the icon name in the search bar.

Be as creative as you like!